January 29, 2012

New Tactical Vehicle for RTA

Isuzu 2,5 ton tactical vehicle (photo : Thales)

(MDN), Thailand army began using a new tactical vehicle Isuzu FTS H2E33 (4X4). These trucks have a size of 2.5 tons and easy in maintenance and repair. The vehicle can be ridden comfortably on a flat terrain and contoured.

Specification :

Dimension (L x W x H ) 7,220 x2, 490 x3, 145 mm.
The load weight is 12,200 kg.
Plane load of 5,000 kilograms.
2,500 kg load on the terrain
Towing weight of 3,000 kg of baggage
Engines : diesel engines Isuzu 6 cylinder, 7790 cc capacity.
Max torque 706 Nm (72 Kk.-m.) at 1450 rpm / min.
HP 240 and HP the (177 kW) / rpm min.
Fuel tank capacity 200 liters.
6 speed forward and one reverse speed.
The hydraulic brake system
Turning radius of 9 meters.
Operating within 800 km.
Maximum speed of 97 km / hour.
The ability to climb high slopes 60 percent

Source: RTA
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