December 4, 2011

(pics) Exercise Wallaby, 23 September-26 November 2011

Exercise Wallaby 2011 marks the 21st year of SAF training in SWBTA since 1990 and is a testament to the close and longstanding defence relationship between Singapore and Australia. The SAF and the Australian Defence Force interact extensively through multilateral training exercises, visits, professional exchanges, military courses, and work in close partnership in the ongoing multinational reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan.
The Vehicle Bay is where soldiers spend most of their time maintaining vehicles and equipment

Two soldiers removing a metal plate as they clean the Bionix II Infantry Fighting Vehicle.
Soldiers diligently cleaning their rifles to ensure that they will work well when called into action.
A soldier meticulously cleaning parts of a dismantled gun.
Soldiers cleaning their weapons.
Officer Cadets experiencing an opportunity to race down the range and fire at targets in a Leopard Tank.
A Military Policeman (MP) aiming a radar gun at a speeding Ops Utility Vehicle (OUV) to check its speed. If the driver goes beyond the authorised speed limit, the MP will radio his counterparts to stop the vehicle.
Soldiers changing the tracks of a Leopard tank.
Two soldiers closing the engine hatch of the Leopard tank.
The Leopard Armoured Recovery Vehicle towing a Leopard tank to the Vehicle Bay.
Two soldiers navigating a Bionix ll IFV out of its parked position in the Vehicle Bay.
A soldier passing a SAR 21 rifle to his buddy.

soldier cleaning a vehicle gun .
Soldiers gearing up before they leave the Vehicle Bay.
A Bionix II IFV racing down the road.
A Bionix Recovery Vehicle on site to provide support if necessary.
A convoy of Bionix ll IFVs, Leopard tanks and a L2AVL navigating through the forest to an objective.
A Bionix ll IFV travelling through the forest towards the next objective.
A Leopard 2 Armoured Vehicle Launch Bridge (L2AVLB) deploying its bridge over a dried river.
A Leopard Tank crossing a dried river on a bridge deployed by the L2AVLB.

Source: Kaskus

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